How Do You Represent Your Company Values Visually?

A banner can display your company name, slogan, and logo, but what about your company’s actual values? Business owners discovered long ago the importance of shared values for creating a loyal customer base. While your clients should know your product is of good quality, believing in the company’s mission reinforces their choice.

Before we get to how we can visually represent you what you stand for, we should note which values people tend to rally behind and share. In other words, let’s make sure you see eye-to-eye so you can sell and they can buy.

Defining Your Values

It’s not surprising why so many auto shops stress integrity. The reason you take your car to a mechanic is that they know how to fix your vehicle. But since there have been so many horror stories about mechanics taking advantage of people’s ignorance, it’s no wonder why good mechanics want to ensure their trustworthiness.

Auto shops will visually represent their integrity by installing large windows to their shop doors to give the appearance of transparency. In just the same way, if you know what your values are--or what vices your trade is known for in general--you can really emphasize your virtues to you advantage. For instance, a news organization might want to emphasize honesty above all else, and they’re going to use any media they can to demonstrate their honesty.

Here’s a list of some common values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Fun

Of course, it’s one thing to say these are your values and another actually to operate on them. Actions speak louder than words, as some wise person once said. However, being in an environment where these principles dominate makes it easier to practice what is preached. Signaling beliefs goes a long way to promoting practices.

Representing Your Values

It’s one thing to represent your values at your stand-alone store or office, but what about at a booth at a trade show or convention? Can you really communicate your values in a temporary setup? Absolutely!

Here are some ways to visually represent at a trade show: 

  • Honesty: Make sure brand messaging is consistent. No mixed messaging. This means something as simple as making sure the color scheme on your brochure matches the color scheme on your banner. One of the first things a detective looks for when interviewing multiple witnesses is inconsistencies. 
  • Integrity: Bringing your products with you to your event or having literature that includes testimonials signals that your product or service is reliable and works. 
  • Commitment: Investing in your booth with quality graphics and equipment so you stand out from among the crowd goes a long way to show potential customers you’re not here to take part but to take over. 
  • Professionalism: Avoid having any open water bottles or snacks on your counters. Make sure your employees are dressed in company clothes or professional attire. 
  • Excellence: Don’t skimp on graphics or cheap products, but use the best because your business deserves it, and so do your clients. 
  • Fun: Having something attendees can participate in, such as a wheel of fortune or giving away accessories, shows you are not all business. You can have fun and be pleasant to work with. 

There are plenty of ways not just to tell your customers about your values but show them. You can earn your customers’ trust by demonstrating your trustworthiness in the quality of your products, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence in ALL things.


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