Avoiding Display Cliches

It was a dark and stormy night. 

As a writer, I’ve been told by many editors to avoid using cliches like the one above. A cliche is some overused phrase or word. It’s typically the first thing everyone thinks up when brainstorming something to say. For example, it’s cliche to say, “I’m good” when asked, “how are you?” Cliches can often function as an unwritten script. And we can avoid them by going off-script. 

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about Trade Show booths? Is it the people behind the counter reaching out to hand you a business card, asking you from across the room if you would like more information, or do you picture a long row of bare tables stacked with some basic information? 

If you’re a vendor at a trade show, you should consider the expectations of a first-time attendee. Or of an experienced attendee. Their first thoughts about how trade show display booths look are the cliches we want to avoid, the script we should not parrot. 


Well, being different is an advantage at a tradeshow, given the hundreds of other vendors that will be sharing the same room with you. You want to attract attendees to your booth so you can show them the value of your business. With that in mind, here are some simple ideas for standing out from boring booths. 


You don’t have to blow your budget for an ultra-expensive booth to make a splash at a conference or tradeshow. Sometimes all you need are the right accessories. One thing’s for sure. You don’t want to be like Michael Scott from the Office and bring a single piece of paper and a table. Sure, the blank piece of paper represented limitless possibilities, but there’s no reason to expect those possibilities are promising. 

These simple tricks can help you avoid a cliche-looking booth with a table, black cloth, and minimum setup. Look professional, fun, and hip with just a couple of things to spice up your space and set you apart from other vendors: 

  • Backlit lighting for counters, banners, and murals
  • Table throw drapes
  • Light fixtures
  • Literature stands 

Lighting is crucial for displays as it highlights your products and brightens the mood of your booth, but, unfortunately, it’s often the first thing to get cut when budgeting. Thankfully, if you can afford to backlight, you can get similar results with our clamp-on light fixtures for a lot cheaper. 

Literature stands are another great way to set you apart. Having a particular space set aside for free information is a great way to encourage people to pick up your material and build reciprocity. It also gives the impression you are an authority on your subject. 

Table throws drapes have several functions. Not all of them are aesthetic. For instance, with a table, you throw you now have a place to store any boxes you brought your material in: under the table. In other words, you maximize your space and look good while doing so. 

Look Like a Heavy-Hitter


What about the actual display booths themselves? While spending that extra couple hundred dollars on accessories can go a long way, if you want to attract a crowd, then a bigger, better booth may be the thing to do. Backlit murals, banner stands, and counters are the best. 

As we mentioned before, lighting makes a BIG difference. Don’t skimp on more significant purchases and get a mural that isn’t backlit. The extra thousand dollars will be well spent. 

Here’s the best that will set you apart: 

  • Model 3
  • M4
  • FS19 

You can look over these options here. In the end, you will have to decide what will work best for you based on the kind of event you are attending. 

If you need help with your decision, you can contact us here or give us a call at 800-234-6760. Our team of experts can assist you with your brand.